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Horse Training & Lessons

Full training: $1000/month
-    4 lessons or training sessions per week
-    1-2 light days
     o    Trail ride, lateral walk work, stretching, in-hand schooling, lunging, long lining,  
           cavalettis, jumping, etc.

Partial training: $800/month
-    3 lessons or training session per week
-    1 light day
     o    Trail ride, lateral walk work, stretching, in-hand schooling, lunging, long lining,
           cavalettis, jumping, etc.

Lesson or training: $60/session
-    Throughout the Wellington/Loxahatchee area with your own horse
-     Additional fee for lesson horse use varies based on horse's level of training
-     Laura will travel to facilities in surrounding towns for multiple students or horses

Lesson Horses

Magic - $25/lesson
-     16 hand, 11 year old, Selle Francais, gelding. Showing 2nd level. Schooling 3rd level.

magic headshot  magic

Saturnus - $20/lesson
-     16.3 hand, 16 year old, Dutch Warmblood, Gelding. Schooling 2nd/3rd level.

saturnus 2  saturnus

Nelly - $15/lesson
-     15 hand, 8 year old, Quarter Horse, Mare. Showing 1st level. Schooling 2nd.

nelly free walk  nelly headshot

Ojala - $10/lesson
-     15.3 hand, 27 year old, Pure Raza Espanola (Andalusian), stallion. Beginner Dressage.

ojala trot  ojala  ojala free walk

Cam - $10/lesson
-     15.2 hand, 23 year old, Arabian, Gelding. Children's lessons through lower level dressage.

Cam trot  Cam canter

Do you have a horse in the Wellington or Loxahatchee area that is suitable for use in lessons?
Laura is always seeking horses that may be an appropriate match for students.

Additional Services

Local shows (Global Dressage Festival, White Fences Equestrian Center, Jim Brandon Center):
- No additional charge for show preparation, coaching or showing horses in FULL training
- Otherwise, standard lesson/training charge for coaching/showing per TEST
- Bathing, clipping, braiding and/or trailering fee may be charged

Out of Town shows:
- Trailering fee

- Show preparation: bathing, clipping, braiding fees
- Daily care: feeding and stall cleaning fee
- Standard lesson/training charge for coaching/showing per TEST
- Laura's expenses (gas, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) split evenly between all client horses

Catch Handling or Riding:
- Available at standard training session rate ($60)
- No additional expenses charged if Laura is already attending the show
- Otherwise, Laura's expenses (gas, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) will be split evenly between all clients.

- Standard TRAINING fees PLUS 10% commision

- Sales commision serves as compensation for photo shoots, videos, marketing, preparing and showing horse to perspective buyers.
- If horse is not sold, Laura Ashley Dressage maintains the rights to all photos, videos and marketing material produced

Body Clipping:
- $100 per well behaved horse
- Horse must be freshly bathed
- 2 sharp T-10 or T-84 blades must be provided



 -  Within 30 minutes of Lancaster, PA:
  $60/lesson plus any facility fees.

  No additional fees for travel, food,   
  lodging, etc.

  -  Anywhere else:
  plus expenses (travel, food, lodging, etc.)